“David had been recommended by a gun
range I visited. I talked to the salesman for a while about
purchasing a gun for home protection and he said he thought I should
contact David first. I was a bit put off as I’d been shooting for
years but eventually called him. I am astounded at the serious, real
world issues David explained and how to deal with them. I hadn’t
had a clue. Best money I’ve ever spent,” Colin C. Naperville, IL
(Private instruction).

“I studied basic home defense one on
one with David. Having never held a gun in my life I was surprised at
how comfortable I was with one by the end of the day. I particularly
appreciated his explanation of how to defend myself in my home
legally and safely,” – Rose T. Park Ridge, IL (Private Instruction).

“Six months with a new gun and every
shot low and left. Twenty minutes with David and every shot in the
black. Nuff said,” Pat Z, Los Angeles, CA (Private Instruction)

“Being a female in a predominantly
male sport gets old. The salesman at the local gun range recommended
using David for private instruction. No ‘babe’ or ‘sweetie’
just straight forward instruction taught by a good teacher,” Naomi
A., Plainfield, IL (Private Instruction).

“I don’t like guns and I never
thought I’d own one but times are getting scary. Thank you David
for not being preachy or talking about the end of society; you gave
me what I needed to know to protect my family and stay out of
trouble. Also many thanks for helping me choose the right gun for
me,” Claudette S. Chicago, IL (Private Instruction).



“Excellent course! Dave provides
much more, real world information than other courses,” Nicole S,
New Lenox, IL (Concealed Carry)

“Covered a great amount of critical
material in a short time – very helpful and useful,” Madelyn F,
Orland Park, IL (Concealed Carry)

“One of the most informative
presentations I have ever been to,” Jim H, Naperville, IL

“Very upbeat but serious approach
to handgun and concealed carry safety,” Art L, Mokena, IL
(Concealed Carry)

“I feel better prepared and even
though I have years of shooting experience it was eye opening to
learn about concealed carry myths vs. facts,”  Jim G., Tinley
Park, IL (Concealed Carry)

“I took Utah Concealed Carry at the
Gander Mountain in Geneva. I was very disappointed to find that most
of the course was filling out paperwork, taking pictures and
fingerprints. A friend took the same course with SAFER USA and told
me it was all about situational awareness and what you need to know
to stay alive on the street so I took it over again with David and
got the information I felt I really needed,” Kyle R., North Aurora,
IL (Concealed Carry)



“This is an excellent program and
I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in concealed carry
and personal protection,” Ron H, Elburn, IL (Tactical Pistol I –
Concealed Carry)

“I can’t imagine a better
instructional team than David and Jeff. Between them they have both
theory and practical down cold and know how to teach them. I’ve
been shooting over 25 years and had never heard of some of the
critical issues they raised,” Gary N., Gurnee, IL (Tactical Pistol
I – Concealed Carry)



“The course met all my
expectations regarding content and execution. Staff was
knowledgeable, encouraging and excited to get the material out to the
students. This is a terrific course… I highly recommend it,”
Larry L., Homer Glen, IL (Tactical Pistol II)

“No one before has ever addressed the
effect of adrenalin on the ability to do tasks such as speed and
tactical reloads. The way I’d been taught could have been
disastrous in a real confrontation. That’s the difference between
taking a class with someone who learned it from a book and someone
who spent a career in Marine special operations. I can’t say enough
about Jeff’s depth of knowledge on close quarter combat technique,”
John C. Wheaton, IL (Tactical Pistol II)



“I now feel much better about owning
a gun but I now also realize the gun I own is not the gun for me,”
– Donna M, Homer Glen, IL (Basic Pistol)

“Very good course. A great way for
women to get used to firing a handgun.” Heather B, St. Charles, IL
(Basic Pistol)

“David was knowledgeable, friendly,
patient and highly skilled. The class was well organized and answered
all my questions. It was fun.”  Jason T, Sycamore, IL (Basic Pistol)

“An absolute must for beginners.”
Mike R, Peotone, IL (Basic Pistol)

“A very clear and comprehensive
explanation of guns, ammunition, how they work and how to use them
safely.” John F, M.D., Chicago, IL (Basic Pistol)

“Great course! It was worth the
drive. I would do it again” Jim R, Elmhurst, IL

“What I liked most was the
confidence David helped me gain when it comes to shooting a firearm.
I gained a ton of confidence in handling firearms!” Jennifer E.,
Coal City, IL (Basic Pistol)

“Safety instruction was explicit –
this course was extremely thorough from start to finish. Excellent
instruction.” Jean H., Joliet (Basic Pistol)



“I knew you were highly regarded
professionals, and I expected a course the NRA would approve of, and
you delivered. But best of all, the two of them repeatedly emphasized
how much fun they had and how pleasant and engaging the instructor
was!” Jeff C., Deerfield, IL (Basic Rifle)

“The instructors for this excellent
class go out of their way to help people learn including total
beginners. Great class, exactly what I was looking for!” Susan S,
Harvard, IL (Basic Rifle)

“This course was well worth the time
and money. Kudos to Phil for a job well done,” Janean H,
Brookfield, IL (Basic Rifle)

“Outstanding course presented in a
professional yet friendly and non-intimidating manner. Very
supportive staff” Skip K, Park Ridge, IL (Basic Rifle)

“The course was very beneficial and
informative. The instructors were great and the shooting was fun!”
Ali C, Deerfield, IL (Basic Rifle)



“I’ve owned a shotgun for 30 years
and I still got a ton of information from Jim Stella; he’s fun to
spend a day with,” Michel R., Round Lake Beach, IL (Basic Shotgun)

“The basic shotgun shooting course
is a must for beginning shooters but it is also beneficial for more
experienced shooters as well. I took the course with my 12 year old
daughter and learned almost as much as she did!” Todd S.,
Aurora, IL (Basic Shotgun)

“Jim was an excellent instructor
which made for an enjoyable class.” Robert S., Naperville, IL
(Basic Shotgun)

“Jim Stella made the course fun
despite the rain!” Kyle C, Yorkville, IL (Basic Shotgun).

“Jim Stella is a very knowledgeable
instructor. I enjoyed the shotgun class very much.” Rafael A,
Aurora, IL (Basic Shotgun).

“SAFER USA is a great school with
very competent instructors. I enjoyed this class immensely.” Barb
W, Richton Park, IL (Basic Shotgun)

“Both the course and Rosemary
LoGiudice were awesome! This is a must for anybody looking to get
into shooting sports. Thank you for the wonderful learning
experience.” Hemant S., Geneva, IL (Basic Shotgun)



“The instructor’s ability to
explain so many different types of firearms and how to deal with them
safely was amazing. He provided enough information to be practical
and useful without burying the class in jargon and technical
information we didn’t need. Highly recommend this course for every
family member in a home that has firearms,” Terry P., Oswego, IL
(Home Firearm Safety)



“This course put my wife and I at
ease over issues of having a firearm in the home for protection. It
clarified wrong ideas we had and provided a clear method on how to
stay safe in case of a home invasion. Highly recommend it,” Perry
H., Springfield, IL (Personal Protection in the Home)



“I honestly wasn’t sure what to
expect, but I came away knowing I will be back for more… I have
quite a bit to learn, but now I can say that I look forward to the
process! Your class was extremely informative, but you kept it fun as
well. That really helps a rookie (like myself) to relax, settle in,
and feel like a part of the team yesterday,” John S., Orland Park,

“I loved it. This was an extremely
beneficial course. It was very informative but also a lot of fun.”
Jim F., Minooka, IL (MCR)

“I loved this course. I wish there
had been more time!” Sara A, Roscoe, IL (MCR)

“This class explained to me what I
needed to know to start reloading, what equipment I need and how to
use it. I can’t wait to get my reloading kit!” Scott F,  Aurora,



“I don’t know how David packs so
much practical information into four hours. I learned things I never
dreamt existed. I can’t imagine a more important course for anyone
to take on the subject of personal safety,” Paula Z. Peoria, IL
(Refuse To Be A Victim)



“David has a very firm but
friendly way of stressing the seriousness and great responsibility of
being an ROS. Kudos David.” Mark P, Ottawa, IL (RSO)

“David is great! Entertaining
while being instructional.” Paul H. Sullivan, WI (RSO)

“Great course; great instructor! I
recommend it for all Gun Owners.” John C. Brookfield, IL (RSO)

“The RSO class was excellent.
Lombardo knew the subject inside and out.” Shawn M., DeKalb, IL

“Lombardo is a great teacher.” Tim
P., Clarendon Hills, IL (RSO)

“This course is quite informative and
furthered my knowledge on various firearm issues.” Sean H., Country
Club Hills, IL (RSO)

“This is an excellent course. It gets
right down to the basics of making the shooting range safer.” Mike
A, Galesburg, IL (RSO)

“I highly recommend this course.
It is far too valuable for one to ignore,” Philip W., East
Peoria, IL (RSO)



“Dave is a great guy, made the
course very informative and made the course go with no pressure,”
Marty Z, Chicago, IL (Pistol Instructor)

“The course was a blast! David
does an excellent job of making the course interesting and
enjoyable,” Brice B., Jefferson City, MO (Pistol Instructor)

“David Lombardo is well worth
meeting and experiencing as an instructor. His knowledge and attitude
shines through the material even when it becomes mundane for
experienced shooters,” Virgil P, Springfield, IL (Pistol

“I learned a lot while having a great
time. The instructors made everything humorous and easy to
understand…” Margaret C, Aurora, IL (Pistol Instructor)

“David Lombardo is an excellent
instructor who uses wit and imagination to hammer home the salient
points of a serious subject. I highly recommend his courses” Lee C,
Montgomery, IL  (Pistol Instructor)

“David Lombardo is a fun,
knowledgeable, enthusiastic instructor. He made the students
comfortable” Steven C, Buffalo Grove, IL  (Pistol Instructor)

“This course has answered my
questions and prepared me very well to be able to teach the material
to others” Jeff J, Carol Stream, IL  (Pistol Instructor)

“I thought the course was well
planned out, very informative, and enhanced my knowledge of how to
train others” Eugene D, Yorkville, IL (Pistol Instructor)