Tactical Division

Tactical Pistol II

We will teach you how to stay alive in a deadly confrontation and give you a set of drills you can do on your own to stay sharp.

Unlike many programs that gear their instruction to teach you to shoot in tactical competitions such as IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association), we teach the tactics of using a firearm in a lethal engagement where there are no rules but to survive.

We think competitive shooting is great fun and a good skill builder; we encourage everyone to participate but in the real world there are no rules when it comes to survival; there is no do-over.

Shooting skills are important but so too is knowledge. We strongly recommend taking the SAFER USA Illinois Concealed Carry I course because it is an intensely comprehensive overview of close quarter engagement. The brain is the weapon; the firearm is just one of many tools available. We stress situational awareness, sociopath behavior and avoidance. We talk about the most basic issues such as the pros and cons of semi-automatics and revolvers, what caliber firearm is appropriate and what type bullet. We discuss the autonomic nervous system – both sympathetic and parasympathetic – and how it affects your ability to continue to fight when under stress. And we constantly emphasize threat management, decision making and gaining tactical advantage.

In our Tactical Pistol I & II, there is heavy emphasis on drawing from the holster safely and effective first shot placement in under 1.5 seconds; many students achieve it in less than one second. Similarly, we work hard on tactical and speed reloading, moving and shooting, shooting strong and off-hand, shooting from laying, kneeling and standing positions, multiple target engagement and close quarter battle skills.

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