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The SAFER USA Outreach Fund is an IRS 501C3 Not For Profit organization with its own board of directors. The foundation is dedicated to providing knowledge, training and resources to support:

  • Educational programming for non-traditional shooters (women, children, minorities and person with disabilities;
  • Basic and tactical training for law enforcement agencies that lack adequate budgetary resources and/or infrastructure;
  • Academic scholarships for students enrolled in post secondary education programs who have a demonstrated history of involvement in the shooting and hunting sports.

A partial list of SAFER USA Outreach Fund non-profit programming includes:

Annual Clyde Howell NRA Youth Shooting Sports Camp – Youth Camp page link

The camp has been held the first weekend of June every year since 1999 under the auspices of the Howell Shooting Club. David Lombardo was the Camp Director for the seven years prior to the death of Clyde Howell. When Mr. Howell passed away the Howell Shooting Club lost its lease to the property and the Aurora Sportsmen’s Club in Waterman, Illinois took HSC into its membership. To insure the continuation of the camp, David Lombardo and SAFER USA have taken it under our 501C3 status and will continue to hold the camp the first weekend of June now returning for one more year to the Howell family farm in Yorkville IL, where it had been held for the last 12 years.

Over the years the camp has grown to over a hundred campers, ages 10 through 16, and offers two parallel programs: Shooting Sports Rotation and Advanced Hunting Skills.

In the shooting sports rotation campers are put into groups of ten by age and cycle through eight, 2-hour blocks of instruction over the weekend. Instructional areas typically include: Pistol, rifle, shotgun, black powder shotgun, air rifle, archery, outdoor survival skills and emergency first aid.

The Advanced Hunting Skills campers learn in an exclusively outdoor environment. Skills taught in past years include shooting trap then shooting from a blind; setting up a duck blind; hunting behind a dog, shooting, cleaning, cooking and eating a pheasant for lunch; sighting in a scoped rifle, shooting a slug shotgun, learning to navigate with a handheld GPS; starting a fire from scratch in the wilderness and other similar events.

Women’s Programming – Women’s Programs page link

SAFER USA offers at least two women’s shooting programs a year plus we provide speakers for women’s groups to discuss firearm safety, the use of lethal force in defense of the home, and the NRA Refuse To Be A Victim course which teaches how to make your home a hard target (one that will reduce the likelihood of a home invasion), safe traveling in your car, on the airlines and when abroad.

Youth Programming – Youth Programs page link

In addition to the Annual Clyde Howell NRA Youth Shooting Sports Camp SAFER USA Outreach Fund sponsors at least one additional youth program annually such as the Practical Hunting Skills one-day event in the late summer.

Scholarship Funds – Scholarship Fund/Donations link

SAFER USA Outreach Fund NFP needs your tax deductible donation to grow our academic scholarship program. It is committed to providing post secondary school educational opportunities to students who have a demonstrated history of involvement in the shooting and/or hunting sports.

The current scholarship fund is the Clyde & Yvonne Howell Educational Scholarship Fund. It is designated for students enrolled in primary and secondary education programs. We welcome donations in any amount to be earmarked for the scholarship. The SAFER USA Outreach Fund Board will begin awarding $500 scholarships when sufficient funds accumulate that one-half of the previous year’s interest equals a minimum of $500; remaining funds will continue to accrue interest.  The SAFER USA Outreach Fund Board will increase the scholarship award to $1000 once sufficient funds accumulate where one-half of the previous year’s interest equals a minimum of $1000, remaining funds will continue to accrue interest.

When the fund has a minimum $10,000 balance we will begin offering scholarships totaling one-half of the interest earned in the preceding 12 months.

Donors of $10,000 or more may establish, name and set the criteria for their own scholarship fund provided it is intended to be offered to students with a demonstrated history of participation in the shooting and/or hunting sports.