NRA Pistol Instructor (10 Hours)

Posted on 08-28-13 by davidalombardo

November 16, 2014 – November 16, 2014

190 W. Lincoln Street

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NRA Pistol Instructor

Instructor: David Lombardo

This course meets the requirements for Illinois Concealed Carry Instructor

Prerequisites: If you are not now currently an NRA instructor in another discipline you must sign up for Saturday’s Basic Instructor Training program. An NRA Law Enforcement Instructor rating is not an exemption from the Basic Instructor Training course.

Equipment Required: A three ring binder containing the NRA Trainer’s Guide obtained during the NRA Basic Instructor Training course, hearing and eye protection, baseball cap and clothing suitable for the weather.

Course Description: This course will instill the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to conduct the NRA Basic Pistol Shooting course. 

CANDIDATE SHOOTING PROFICIENCY TEST: Candidate will shoot any handgun of their choice, regardless of action, sights or caliber, at a blank 9 inch diameter paper target at a distance of 15 yards. Candidates will fire 20 shots from a two-handed, unsupported, standing position. Three points will be given for each scoring hit. In order for a hit to count, it must fall inside a 1/2-inch border from the edge of the plate. All hits on a target must be within a 6-inch or less extreme spread. Candidates will be allowed to shoot their own firearms if desired however SAFER USA will make available to students a .22 caliber Beretta Neo semi-auto pistol.


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