About Us


Since 2006, SAFER USA has trained over 7,000 students in beginner, advanced, personal protection, instructor, tactical, and range safety officer courses and through private instruction.

At SAFER USA we don’t simply train students, we educate them. From a learning perspective, being told what to do is never as powerful as being taught why you do something. It makes the student more adaptable to changing circumstances and nowhere is that more important than personal protection.


The SAFER USA Illinois Concealed Carry program is the most comprehensive we’ve seen on use of lethal force for civilian self defense. It’s built on four concepts:

  1. How to avoid a conflict
  2. How to prevail in a lethal force encounter
  3. How to do it legally so you don’t go to jail
  4. How to mitigate the potential for civil suit and lose everything you own.

Please call and talk to us about this very in-depth, one-of-a-kind program.