Introduction to Tactical Carbine ($100)


Introduction to Tactical Carbine (4 hours – $100)

INSTRUCTOR: David Lombardo

Prerequisites: You should have basic operational knowledge of how your carbine works and have a working knowledge of basic firearm safety rules.

Equipment required: This course is open to all carbine platform rifles. Must have a sling, eye and hearing protection, any tools required to adjust your sights, a bare minimum of three magazines, magazine retention devices (A belt, chest rig, plate carrier, etc., Reloading from pockets will not be acceptable), a hat with a brim and clothing appropriate for the weather. Bring a minimum of 200 rounds of ammunition. Snap caps in .223/5.56 are provided for malfunction drills. If you're using any other caliber you need to bring 4 snap caps in your caliber.

Course Description: This course covers proper loading and unloading; Zeroing your rifle; and holdovers for different distances ranging from 25 to 50 yards. Also covered are basic rifle handling techniques including: Proper Safety manipulation; proper trigger and muzzle discipline; rifle carry methods; application of sling for carry and stability; and tactical and emergency reloads.


NOTE: There is no refund if you fail to show up for class!

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