Personal Protection

Hand to Hand Classes
The SAFER USA Personal Protection Division is now offering close quarter, hand-to-hand, self-defense classes taught by Nik
Farooqui, SAFER USA’s newest instructor and president of Ballistic Fighting Methods. Ballistic Hand To Hand (3 hours), Ballistic Edged Weapons (2 hours) and Ballistic Control Tactics (3 hours) are affordable and designed for a beginning student concerned about self-protection. All our tactical classes are now open for student registration.

Concealed Carry Classes
I understand comparative shopping and wanting to get the most for your time and money.  There are instructors who teach concealed carry that take your photograph and fingerprint you in class but let’s consider the implications.

It never ceases to amaze me that people will call and ask, “Do you take the photograph and fingerprints for the concealed carry application in class?” My response is always, “No, we use the time to teach you how to survive a deadly force encounter but it’s up to you: Learn to survive or have your picture taken.”

I always laughed if off when people were more concerned about having their photograph and fingerprints taken than what they’ll learn in class; that is until I heard about Erik Scott.

I was at the FBI Regional Training Facility in Chicago taking a law enforcement handgun instructor class when someone told me about 38 year old Erik Scott of Las Vegas, Nevada. Scott, a West Point grad and prior military officer, was shot by Las Vegas Metro Police in a Costco store over what appears to be his attempt to inform them he was carrying a concealed weapon when they confronted him about a complaint. It appears he simply went about it the wrong way and it inappropriately cost him his life.

In our Utah and Florida concealed carry classes we teach how to act when the police show up and a lot more. We talk about situational awareness, avoiding a potential confrontation, sociopath behavior, autonomic nervous system (sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system limitations), elements of close quarter battle, knife threats, how not to have your own firearm taken away from you, what do you do if your spouse or child is with you during a deadly confrontation, firearm malfunctions, concealed carry firearm choice (type of gun, caliber and specific bullet to use), where to carry a concealed firearm on your body, basics of personal protection in the home and what to do after you’ve used lethal force.

Oh yes, and like the folks that will take your picture and fingerprints, we teach the only requirements for Utah Concealed Carry: Basic firearm safety and state & federal laws.

We’ll even teach our course in your living room or at your club, if you wish. We highly recommend you follow it up with our Tactical Pistol I (Concealed Carry) course. It’s a four-hour range course in which we’ll teach you the gun handling techniques described in class. We also offer the 14-hour, comprehensive NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home course with classroom and extensive range time.

Personal Protection in the Home

We offer the highly acclaimed, eight-hour NRA Personal Protection in the Home course which includes classroom and practical range time.

We also do extensive private instruction with high net worth individuals and families who desire custom tailored concealed carry and home and/or business protection instruction. We can evaluate your home or business for security issues and make suggestions on how to protect yourself in that environment.

We also offer private lessons combining any of the following: Basic firearm instruction, concealed carry (Florida and Utah), making your home or business a hard target (one that will reduce the likelihood of a home invasion in the first place), defending yourself in your home or business with emphasis on avoiding criminal and civil liability, proper firearm selection and basic tactical training.